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Mortgage Update Mortgage Rates Move Higher After Fed Rate Hike, But Not Because of It Mortgage Rates Move Higher After Fed Rate Hike, But Not Because of It By: Matthew Graham Nov 2, 2022 The Federal Reserve hiked rates by 0.75% today and 30yr fixed mortgage rates moved moderately higher.  Interestingly enough, those two things are fairly unrelated. The Fed Funds Rate (the thing the Fed “hikes” when you hear about the […]
Mortgage Update Mortgage Rates Now at 20-Year Highs By: Matthew Graham Mon, Sep 26 2022, 4:52 PM The most recent historical high water market for mortgage rates was “14 years.”  It was broken so many times in September that we officially declared it to be boring last Tuesday.  Now, less than a week later, 14-year highs would be more exciting than boring.  As of mid-day today, […]
Mortgage Update Market Update Rates Jump a Quarter Point Instantly After Key Inflation Report; Now Back to 14-Year Highs By: Matthew Graham Mortgage rates were already in the vicinity of the highest levels in 14 years.  With large day-to-day swings being extremely common these days, we were only ever one bad day away from making it back to those highs.  […]
Mortgage Update Things Are About to Get Even More Interesting For Rates By: Matthew Graham   It’s certainly already been an interesting year for financial markets–especially for housing and interest rates. But most of what’s happened over the past 8 months could be thought of as the more predictable phase of the post-pandemic market cycle. It’s what happens next that’ll be more interesting. How could anyone say that […]
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